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how to have a successful hair appointment:

  • do bring pictures of things you like (or don't like). Consultation is the biggest way to make sure you get what you want out of the appointment.
  • do be honest about your expectations for your hair, as well as your hair history.
  • Do let us know if you have extra thick or long hair. This way we can make sure to schedule enough time for your service.
  • do show up on time or early in case of parking issues.
  • do be open to suggestions, we are professionals with experience and may have some great tips for your specific needs.
  • don't worry about having dirty hair or not 'looking good'. That's what you're here for!

cancellation policy:

We understand life gets chaotic, that's why we send out a reminder 48 hours in advance alerting you to your upcoming appointment. If you are unable to attend, 24 hours notice is required, otherwise a fee will be charged. This allows us to cater to clients on a waiting list who are desperately wanting in.

Note that 'no shows' will be charged full price of service scheduled. Any appointment more than 15 minutes late may be considered a 'no show' at the discretion of the stylist. We will not run late for other clients and ask that you are on time to appointments. Credit card required for booking.

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Eduardo does not book through our online booking service.
Please call 281-460-2601 for booking with Eduardo.


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